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The EdTech Plus Fully Hybrid Solution
Languages Module

LogoCurriculum Enhancement:

  • Enriches school curricula with advanced multi-language modules in English, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic.
  • Aims for native-like pronunciation and integrates smoothly with existing curricula.

LogoPersonalized Learning Experience:

  • Combines 34 years of linguistic expertise with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Tailors learning to individual student needs.

LogoConversational Skills Focus:

  • Starts with self-introduction from the first lesson.
  • Advances towards achieving fluent conversation.

LogoCultural Immersion:

Deepens linguistic comprehension and enhances cultural awareness.

LogoInteractive Online Teaching:

Provides real-time feedback for effective teacher-student interaction.

LogoLanguage Proficiency:

Requires only one hour per week to progress towards language proficiency.


Awards a certificate from EdTech Plus Ltd., London, upon successful completion of the course.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and German for Adults
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Available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and German for Kids
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