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Technology Module: AI, Coding, Robotics, and STEAM.

Futuristic Learning: Tech Skills

  • - Bolsters tech capabilities.
  • - Positions the school as a future education leader.
  • - Adapts curricula with new tech.

Global Skills: Standards Compliance

  • - Adheres to global educational norms.
  • - Readies students for global careers.
  • - Fosters language and cultural skills.

Educational Innovation: Problem-Solving

  • - Encourages inventive thinking.
  • - Links learning to community issues.
  • - Cultivates adaptability.

Future Work Preparedness: AI and Tech Impact

  • - Prepares for AI’s employment shift.
  • - Prioritizes digital literacy.
  • - Promotes flexible learning for tech-savvy futures.

Achievement Focus: EdTech Plus Impact

  • - Enhances learning and performance.
  • - Develops proactive, future-ready learners.
  • - Progresses from basics to complex abilities.

LogoOffers a comprehensive K-12 curriculum:

  • Grade 1 to Grade 6:

- Early education kits introduce computational thinking.
- Flow-based coding integrated with STEAM lessons positions the school as a leader in primary technological education.

  • Grade 7 to Grade 9:

- Enables young learners to create, code, and experiment.
- Utilizes Bluetooth-enabled blocks and a block-based coding platform.
- Teaches fundamental computational thinking skills and core computer science concepts.

  • Grade 10 to Grade 12:

- Transitions from block-based to script coding.
- Emphasizes high-demand programming languages, including AI, Python, and JavaScript.
- Aligns with current and future industry needs.

EdTech Plus “Coding for a Purpose”

LogoEdTech Plus "Coding for a Purpose" Initiative:

  • Fosters creativity for social improvement through coding.
  • Reflects the school's dedication to impactful education.

LogoSkill Development:

  • Arms students with the necessary tools for real-world problem-solving through Coding and AI.
  • Showcases the school's commitment to developing tech-proficient problem solvers.

LogoCertification and Prestige:

  • Offers certification from EdTech Plus Ltd., London.
  • Boosts the school’s prestige.
  • Draws academically driven families.
Technology: AI, Coding, Robotics, and STEAM

EdTech Plus provides everything the curriculum needs to deliver the most engaging Coding & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning experience in the classroom.

We teach Coding, AI, and STEAM developing students’ computational thinking skills.

We refer to our approach as “Computational Teaching.” We have developed a classroom approach to Computational Teaching that utilizes:

- Software (SAM Studio)
- Hardware (SAM Labs Kits)
- Instructional Resources (Lesson packs, Teacher resources, Audio recorded lessons, Tutorials)
- Support (Training, SAMbassador, Professional Development and Certification)

The ultimate Classroom STEAM kit Supports 30 Students at a time

- The complete solution for a full classroom with the lowestprice-per-student
- 10 groups of repeating blocks, with complementary bonus packs available to purchase in10s
- Durable classroom-proof Gratnells stackable storage box with 10 group storage trays

Key features:
- SAM Space
- 20 DC motors
- 10 light sensors
- 10 RGB lights
- 20 wheels
- 10 SAM controllers
- 10 car chassis
- 10 roller balls
- 10 LEGO gear attachments
- 20 small LEGO holders
- 20 large LEGO holders
- 8 micro-USB 5-in-1 charging cables
- 1 Getting Started Guide

SAM Space: Flow-based Coding with STEAM Lessons
The ultimate Learn to Code Classroom kit Supports 30 Students at a time

Create, code, and experiment with young learners using this powerful beginner's coding kit. Use bluetooth-enabled blocks with a block- based coding platform to teach fundamental computational thinking skills and computer science concepts.

Features and Benefits:
- 10 micro-bits, 30 blocks, 10 accessories
- Free access to Google Workbench
- CSTA aligned
- Designed for teachers of all levels of coding experience

Number of Students: Up to 30 per kit

What's in the kit?
- 10 micro-bits
- 10 micro-bit battery holders
- 10 micro-bit data cables
- 10 Light Sensors
- 10 Buzzers
- 10 Sliders
- 1 built-in charging station
- 1 Set of 4 international plug adapters

SAM Blockly: Block-based Coding with Learn to Code Lessons
Sam Script : Script-based Coding including Python & JavaScript
Coding Progression
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