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As an EdTech Plus Subscriber, you will enjoy a lot of benefits that will help you improve your proficiency in English.

EDTECH PLUS SUBSCRIPTION is specially designed to help you excel and better your knowledge in languages. The higher the subscription level you reach, the more benefits you will enjoy.


Basic Membership

We welcome you to our family with the first Membership, the Basic Membership.  

This is the first and entry level to our award-winning programme.


Blue Membership

Once you reach 2,000 points, you will earn the Blue Membership.

Being a Blue Member will grant you full access to the online material for the Linguaphone L21 English Course (Books and Audio Recordings).


Silver Membership

Now that you have secured the Blue Membership, more benefits and privileges await you once you earn the Silver Membership.

Once you have reached a total  of 7,000 points and you will be granted the Silver Membership.

As a Silver Member, you will have access to the Blue Membership benefits, as well as an extra two months and a half of Student support.


Gold Membership

Once you have collected a total of 12,000 points, you will secure a Gold Membership.

As a Gold Member, you will enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the Blue Membership, the Silver Membership, along with a full and free online registration for the Integral French Course from Linguaphone.


Platinum Membership

Once you have successfully collected a total of 22,000 points in your account, you will reach the highest membership level, and become a Platinum Member!

As a Platinum Member, you will benefit from the privileges of the Blue Membership, the Silver Membership, the Gold Membership, and a full refund for the Linguaphone L21 English course registration too!

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